November 14, 2015

Points To Note When Discussing Erectile Dysfunction


Erection Facts

There is a complex process that is involved with gaining an erection. The brain must send messages via the nervous system, chemical messengers must reach a critical balance and the penis must engorge with blood.

Being sexually aroused engenders erections. It all beings with a message sent down from the brain via nerves to the base of spine. The blood vessels around the penis allow more blood to flow in to the penis causing engorgement. The erectile tissue allows the inflow of increased blood into the penis. Blood is inhibited from leaving the penis causing the penis to swell with blood until it increases in size which causes an erection.

The Brain’s Role in Getting an Erection

The importance of the brain in forming an erection cannot be overstated. Stimulation of pleasure receptors due to stimuli (which may be actual or perceived) must occur in order to create an erection. Pleasure receptors can be stimulated by such sensations as smells, sounds and images. Once the brain is stimulated, nerves send signals to the penis via nerves that are located in the base of the spinal cord.

Other things that can cause an erection include when the bladder is full or and directly touching the penis. Both of these sensations stimulate nerves involved in the erectile process. A man’s brain usually sends impulses during sleep that stimulate an erection. This usually happens around 3 to 4 times per night.

About Ejaculation

Ever wondered how ejaculation happens? For ejaculation to occur, muscles located along the shaft of the penis undergo a series of involuntary contractions. These contractions take sperm along with a small volume of fluid, from the testes and along the main tube that leads from the testes to the penis, the vans deferens. Semen is added from special glands along the way and the mixture enters the penis via the urethra which is the tube through the penis. When a man ejaculates, the mixture of sperm and semen moves through the penis until it is ejaculated when the man reaches sexual climax.

Ever wondered why it is not possible to urinate while ejaculating? There is a special ring-shaped muscle which surrounds the opening of the bladder. During ejaculation, this muscle tightens until it closes thus preventing urine from moving through the penis at the same time as semen. It also prevents semen from moving in the wrong direction towards the bladder. In some men, the muscle does not contract as it is meant to and the semen is allowed to enter the bladder, causing ‘retrograde ejaculation’. The most common reason for retrograde ejaculation is damage to prostate surgery. More on how buyingCialis online can help you, visit our homepage.

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Erectile dysfunction is a problem affecting most men nowadays. Although most of them refrain from discussing the issue openly. This is a disorder that can be contained and possibly prevented. You do not have to die with your problem. For that reason, when discussing Erectile Dysfunction, you need to comprehend a few tips.

This drug is a sildenafil citrate which may be used to treat erectile dysfunction in men and pulmonary arterial hypertension for both men and women. With a zeal to get quicker results, a majority get it wrong. An alternative has always been self-therapy which is highly discouraged by most health practitioners. You therefore need to make some considerations when discussing Viagra.

The first step involves going to the health expert on time. At times, men feel embarrassed and they fail to see a doctor. There is need to know that the timely it is treated, the more effective it will be. Therefore, before taking an enhancing drug, one should visit a specialist.
Perhaps you may find it difficult sharing this with someone you do not know. You possibly can decide to share it with a partner. After this, she will highlight all the details that you may have missed. You will actually get the best treatment. Moreover, your partner may give moral support. Most men get depressed at such a time.

This condition may be as a result of other intricate health disorders. As a result, you should be ready to answer a handful of questions the practitioner will pose to you. You could even provide other vital records from another clinic you may have visited.

Do not sit on this problem for years. Failing to share it out does not make you less. However, this would only fuel it. Discuss it with others as well as a health practitioner. You will actually get the best remedy.